Marketing & Promotion

Amacol believes that the marketing function should be controlled centrally to ensure that the corporate and product brands are positioned consistently, irrespective of the market or distributor. In additional, we recognize that distributors represent a number of principals and that they will give more focus to some over others. Amacol therefore provides the following :

• Screening, appointment, selection and training of medical reps
• Preparation of training material
• Preparation of promotional material to be used in the field
• Drafting and execution of Marketing budget following principal’s approval
• In-market sales report and rolling forecast

Budget Management

Complete transparency in the presentation and execution of the Marketing budget

Brand Positioning

By centrally managing the marketing function, Amacol is guaranteeing that the corporate and product brands are positioned consistently throughout the selected markets. Also, the utilization of the same training and promotional material in multiple markets saves our customers time and money.


Analysis & Business Planning

Regulatory Support

Distributor Management

Marketing & Promotion