Distributor Management

Time is money, and Amacol will save you both by helping to speed up the distributor selection process. We have a network of high quality distributors with proven track records, and we will recommend the right partner for you.

The negotiation of a distributor agreement can also be a lengthy process, and Amacol will play a vital role in getting this concluded as quickly as possible. With our management coming from both distributor and manufacturer backgrounds we are well versed on what each party wants, and this enables us to manage expectations of each party and to reach consensus quickly.

Finally, the every day management of distributors is also challenging. Amacol does this for our principals by :

• Keeping an eye on distributor stock levels and ensuring that orders are placed at the right time and in line with your lead times provided

• Monitoring of in-market sales

• Co-ordering orders, deliveries and payment – ensuring that you have the right shipping documents and that the distributor respects the agreed payment conditions.

Our Distributor Network

It takes time to build trust, and Amacol has been steadily growing its distributor network for decades. With our support you can be confident of a rapid and smooth selection and appointment process.

Key Distributor attributes we look for

Financially strong and credit-worthy, proven track record, quality warehousing, geographical reach, private market and tender management capacities.


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Distributor Management

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